Human resources

Zubair Corporation Organizes the Second Human Resources Forum

Muscat: The Zubair Corporation recently organized its second Human Resources Forum, which aims to empower human capital by promoting constructive communication between the various Human Resources departments of the Group. The second edition of the HR forum is in cooperation with the Public Authority of Social Insurance and saw the presence of several jurists from the Authority alongside various members of the institution’s senior management and human resources managers companies of the Zubair Corporation group.

The forum saw the launch of a program called ‘Employee Benefits’, which aims to provide a range of services and special offers for employees and is part of the organization’s interest in its staff . This program is one of the main pillars of the Group’s strategy for the management and development of human resources in all group companies.

Commenting on the forum, Hilal Omar Al Siyabi, General Services Manager of Zubair Corporation said, “The first human resources forum of Zubair Corporation and its group of subsidiaries was the cornerstone of empowering human capital by promoting constructive communications between the various human resources departments of the group. The results of the first forum contributed significantly to several decisions that were taken since the meeting with the stakeholders of the Public Social Insurance Authority discussed the basis of the results of the first forum. In addition, the benefits launch was also highlighted, which is poised to result in unified work based on termination legally, administratively and financially and which is in line with the policies of the Company and its group of subsidiaries.

Mazin Abdullah Al Tobi, Head of Work Injuries and Occupational Diseases Inspection Department at the State Social Insurance Authority, said: “First of all, we would like to thank the Zubair Corporation for the opportunity to talk about the law on social security with the group’s human resources managers. We believe that it will strengthen the insurance culture and knowledge of human resources employees by having knowledge of social insurance law. I had the pleasure of participating in the session and responding to numerous inquiries from HR managers at The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries, which brought to light a number of issues and questions related to the relationship of the employee with the public social insurance authority.

The forum focused on the rights of employees in the social insurance sector. Human resources managers asked many questions and inquiries about employee rights and duties and other matters related to the insurance industry. The forum concluded with a discussion session including suggestions from participants, which aims to develop cooperation between human resources departments.

Zubair Corporation’s Human Resources department works continuously to design and launch specialized initiatives and programs aimed at developing human capital in group companies. The first forum saw the launch of the “Himma” program, which aims to strengthen Omani skills within the Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries. This program is considered one of the main pillars of the company’s strategy for the management and development of human resources in all the companies of the group.

The Zubair Corporation is considered one of the main economic groups in the region. It was created in 1967 to become, in a few years, one of the largest commercial companies active in many sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, tourism, heavy industries, technologies of the information and communication, etc. It also employs thousands of people in its subsidiaries. The Zubair Corporation is also proud of its sustainable social and cultural activities, such as the Bait Al Zubair Foundation, which is concerned with culture and heritage, and the Zubair Small Enterprises Center, which is concerned with entrepreneurs and helps them to establish and develop their activities. . As part of its strategic vision, the Company seeks to support the overall development of the Sultanate in line with Oman Vision 2040.