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Waste management fees frozen for 2022

CANADA, March 18 – The Province of Prince Edward Island is providing a one-time grant to the Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) to ensure Islanders will not pay more for waste management this year .

The $1.429 million will allow IWMC to continue its work without having to pass on increased operating costs to residents.

“Islanders are currently facing significant financial pressures with increases in the CPI, rising fuel and housing costs, continued restrictions on potato exports and the lasting effects of the pandemic. This funding will ensure the maintenance of effective and efficient waste management services without placing an additional burden on Islanders.

– Transport and Infrastructure Minister James Aylward

IWMC fees are regulated by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC). On December 13, 2021, IWMC applied to the IRAC for an increase in residential and commercial user fees for 2022 to cover operating costs. On March 18, 2022, the IRAC issued an order approving proposed rates for 2022.

“Effective waste management is critical to public safety and human health and we have seen operating costs rise over the past few years,” said IWMC CEO Karen MacDonald. “This government funding will allow our staff and contractors to continue their work without passing additional costs on to Islanders this year. »

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