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Vanessa from Boomaroo Plan Management draws on lived experience to support people with disabilities. | Bega District News

David Jones, one of the X-Tremity Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists, at Nowra Clinic. Picture provided.

By harnessing the technological advancements of recent years, X-Tremity is working hard to help grant greater mobility to people with disabilities.

From orthotics to help with single joint stability to full limb prostheses, the team has guided patients through the consultation, fabrication and fitting process since Jens Baufelt founded the company in 2017. .

Andy Sands, chief operating officer, said they were inspired by the philosophy that limiting a member’s function should not result in the loss of their passions, hobbies and independence.

“When we create our devices, each of these personal characteristics is taken into account so that our products accompany the wearer throughout their life journey, instead of limiting their life journey,” Andy said.

“In our modern age, with the incredible advancement in medical knowledge, technology and manufacturing methods, we have been blessed to see so much good coming from what could have been such a burden just a few years ago. “

The X-Tremity team is driven by Jens’ spirit of innovation and desire for excellence, traits that Andy says make him widely respected in the industry.

“He cares about his customers like no other and will go out of his way to make sure they get what they need and are taken care of the way they should be.”

“Our focus has been and always will be our customers. When we are tasked with providing them with mobility and independence, we do so with great honor,” Andy said.

On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, X-Tremity celebrates the achievements, contributions and resilience of each person with a disability, instead of focusing on what they are physically capable of.

“We strongly believe that a person’s level of ability has absolutely no relation to their value, what they have to give and how they can influence those around them. This day is important to everyone as it highlights that people living with disabilities should be celebrated just as much as those around them without disabilities,” Andy said.

X-Tremity is an NDIS registered provider and has supported hundreds of people with disabilities on the South Coast and beyond.

“Many customers are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to have their orthotic or prosthetic needs reassessed and an updated device created to meet their current needs,” Andy said.

“We derive so much joy from our clients’ stories. Hearing about the obstacles they overcame, the goals they achieved, and how they just refuse to give up inspires us every day.”