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UHV Human Resources Program Receives National Seal of Approval | News

The University of Houston-Victoria College of Business Graduate Human Resources Program took a big step forward this month when it received endorsement from the world’s most prestigious human resources association.

The Society for Human Resource Management recently awarded the college its coveted Certificate of Alignment for its comprehensive and strategic Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management programs. The certificate awarded to UHV recognizes that its human resources program aligns with the company’s competency model to meet the contemporary demands of the human resources field and also provides the information students need to pass the exam. company professional.

“This is an exciting achievement for the faculty at UHV College of Business,” said university dean Ken Colwell. “The college, our students, and the community will benefit from this alignment, and I am proud of the hard work our faculty members have put in to reach this milestone.

With this certification, the college joins an elite group of 425 institutions worldwide that hold SHRM certification, which is only about 10% of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone, Jeanette Winters said. clinical professor of management at UHV who led the college’s application. for certification. The designation will further strengthen the college’s reputation as a premier institution for students seeking careers in human resource management.

“This is important for our students and prospective students because it means that if they take our program, they can be assured that they will get all the information they need to prepare to pass the SHRM exam,” Winters said. “More and more companies see the value of SHRM certification and require it to get a job. That’s why it’s so important. It’s a direct route to being more employable.

After students take and pass the SHRM exam, they must periodically take additional courses to maintain their SHRM certification. Now that the trade college has received the SHRM seal of approval, it can offer such programs awarding SHRM continuing education credits to students and professionals in the field.

“This alignment status provides us with significant opportunities to work not just with our students, but with the community as a whole,” Winters said.

Before joining the faculty last January and launching the college of commerce’s efforts to achieve SHRM certification, Winters spent many years as a corporate human resources manager.

“That’s why I knew the importance of this SHRM alignment certificate,” she said. “He is well respected by HR professionals.

The business school’s success in gaining SHRM approval would not have occurred without the collaborative efforts of faculty members of a small committee that began work on UHV’s certification application. more than six months ago, Winters said. She highlighted the important contributions of Ron Salazar, who is the college’s associate dean of external relations, and college business professors Kwan Lee and Stephanie Simmons.

“It was not an easy task. It’s very rigorous and that’s why so few institutions have gone through this process,” she said. “It was a team effort from the start and something I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together.”

Faculty members knew before receiving the alignment certificate that UHV’s human resources program is exceptional, she said.

“Now,” she says, “not only are we saying it’s true, but SHRM is saying it is, and they’re the biggest human resources company in the world.”