Human rights

The UN Human Rights Council is a bad joke

Russia has been suspended from the UN Human Rights Council. And while it will do absolutely nothing to deter Vladimir Putin’s war machine, it remains an almost historic decision.

Due to all the compromised international bodies that exist in the world, absolutely none are as completely compromised as the entity in Geneva. The United Nations Human Rights Council is to human rights what the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) is to democracy. And to people.

The organization would make the Alice in Wonderland characters somewhat dizzy and uneasy.

Last month, Iran was nominated for a four-year term on the UNHRC’s commission on women’s rights. Yes, this is Iran, where women can be held for years without charge, can be executed for ‘adultery’, are treated like second-class citizens from cradle to grave, and can be imprisoned for singing or for not wearing the clothes the state insists they wear.

But none of this seems to bother the “human rights” body in Geneva. The whole organization is just one big sick joke. A typical day at UNHRC consists of rogue states and failed states ganging up on a variety of liberal democracies – most often Israel.

Sometimes third world countries also use the forum to insist that cash payments be made by first world countries to the developing world for wrongs they have never suffered.

The fact that Russia is temporarily expelled from this body is therefore in some ways surprising. This does not show the CDH in a better light. Nothing could. But that could be seen as a minor, if unimportant, embarrassment for Russia.

Imagine: too violent and despotic even for the UN organization in Geneva. Now that’s something.