Human resources

The Small Business Assistant provides support and resources to help businesses run better

If you are a business owner, you will agree that there are a lot of things that need to be put in place to keep it running smoothly. From marketing to hiring and managing employees, to managing finances, market research and many more. The list is endless!

Have you ever thought about getting all of these services from one place? Probably not. The Small Business Assistant wants to do everything for you.

Founded in 2019, The Small Business Assistant positions itself as a business support agency. “With a team of experts from all sectors, we provide support and resources to business owners to keep the business running smoothly.”

In a conversation with the founder, Christie Uzebu, she noted that “The Small Business AssistantI started in 2019 as a digital marketing agency and with a small team have helped businesses manage their online presence from managing email marketing to managing social media. to paid marketing, website design, graphic design, content / copywriting and many other online marketing activities. But as we went along, I noticed that businesses needed even more services. We continued to receive inquiries for many other services that we had no intention of doing. So, I thought to myself why not? We relaunched using the services of experts from across industries including human resources, legal, finance, customer service and more.

The Small Business Assistant currently provides services covering marketing and communications, branding and design, content and writing, business plan development, financial and accounting advice, legal assistance, resource management human resources and customer service support. business needs in one place ”.

On how it works and how they get clients, the team noted that their client base is mostly referrals which is a testament to the quality work they provide. However, according to Christie, “As we grow, the marketing for us picks up, increasing the demands on our website as well. To further increase our impact, we offer on-demand group and individual training for business leaders and professionals that take place over 4 weekends. For each of these training sessions, interested participants register through a form on the website and we follow up with more details and then contact the experts needed for the training.

The team further noted that all of these services are provided by a team of company experts. However, for companies that need an in-house expert, they pull a list of experts into their database and connect them to organizations that need their services.

For businesses looking to lower overhead costs and spend less on resources, The Small Business Assistant is definitely a great alternative, and all eyes are on the team to see how they progress and develop in the months to come.