Human resources

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will recruit 65 contract employees

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

10 (ten) Contracted Protection and Security Officers, 30 (thirty) Contracted Support Staff, 5 (five) Contracted Technicians and 20 (twenty) Contracted Clerical Staff, to be employed in the central organization of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ANKARA), detailed below, In order to be employed under the amended Section 657/B of the Civil Service Act No. 4, the section of Schedule 06 titled “Examination requirement” of the “Principles relating to the employment of contract personnel”, which was put into effect by the decision of the Council of Ministers of 06/1978/7 and numbered 15754/2 In accordance with the provisions of paragraph b) of the first paragraph, 2020 (sixty-five) contract staff will be recruited, based on the classification of the scores of the 65 KPSS (B) group, without written and/or oral examination.

The following qualifications, special and general conditions are sought for candidates who will apply for the recruitment of contract personnel from the application deadline.

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  • Graduate of any associate degree program from institutions of higher learning.
  • Have a score of 2020 or higher from KPSS-P93 score type in Public Personnel Selection Examination 70,
  • Not have completed the age of 18 and under 30 by the application deadline,
  • To have the conditions of article 10 of the law on private security services of 06/2004/5188 and numbered 10,
  • Have an armed private security guard identity card that has not expired by the deadline for submitting applications,
  • Not be suffering from an illness or a physical or mental handicap that could prevent the accomplishment of the task,
  • Must not be less than 170 cm, and the difference between the last two digits of height in centimeters and weight must not be more than 15, nor less than 15 (for example, the weight of a candidate who is 180 cm should be 80+15=95 more, 80-15 It should not be less than =65.)
  • Not be unable to work outside working hours and on weekends in accordance with the duty to be performed,
  • Not be in a situation that prevents him from working in closed and open spaces in rotation 7/24 hours,
  • Even if the deadlines specified in article 26 of the Turkish Penal Code of 9/2004/5237 and numbered 53 have elapsed or if it has been decided to postpone the announcement of the verdict;

1) Not be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of one year or more for a crime committed intentionally.

2) Even pardoned, crimes against state security, the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, privacy, the confidential domain of life and sexual immunity, and crimes related to drugs or incentives, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, not to be convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging the performance of the service, money laundering assets from crime, smuggling and prostitution.

3) Have no ongoing investigation or prosecution for offenses against the constitutional order and the functioning of that order, privacy and confidential sphere of life, sexual immunity, and narcotics or stimulants.


4.1. Candidates; Applications will be made electronically through e-Government at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Career Gate-Public Recruitment and Career Gate ( with the password e-Government, and applicants will also submit their applications to the Ministry of ​​between application dates. /address-company-human-resources-career-kapisi.

4.2. Applications will start on 09.05.2022 at 9:30 a.m. and end on 20.05.2022 at 23:59 p.m.

4.3. Candidates who do not apply through the Career Gate address ( will not be considered and applications made in person, by post or by mail will not be accepted.

4.4. Information about Associate degree completion and undergraduate graduate candidates who will apply for the position is automatically received from the institution of higher education through the online government. Candidates who have graduated from educational institutions in the country or abroad and have an equivalence regarding the educational status sought in this announcement must upload the corresponding document in pdf or jpeg format in the field “Document indicating equivalence” under the “Your other documents” step in the e-Government application.

4.5. Candidates who have graduated from one of the secondary education programs (high school or equivalent) who will apply for the announcement, whose graduation information does not come automatically, must upload their graduation documents in the format pdf or jpeg.

4.6. Candidates who will apply for the post of Protection and Security Officer are required to upload their Armed Private Security Officer ID Cards, which have not expired by the application deadline, to the front and at the back, in the “Private security guard identity card” field under the “Other documents” tab.

4.7. Candidates who will apply for the position of support staff (driver) will have a class E driving license or the new class D driving license from 17/04/2015 with the amendment published in the Official Gazette of 29329/01 /01 and numbered 2016 in the Highway Code. They must be uploaded in the “Driver’s license” field under the “Your other documents” tab.

4.8. Candidates who will apply for the position of support staff (driver) must upload their psychotechnical documents in the “Psychotechnical documents” field under the “Other documents” tab.

4.9. Candidates whose contracts are terminated by their institutions or whose contracts are unilaterally terminated while occupying full-time contract staff positions (4/B) in public institutions and bodies, in order to justify that they have accomplished the one-year waiting period, must submit an approved service document in pdf and jpeg format from their former institutions. must be uploaded at time of application.

4.10. “Your transaction has been successfully completed” on the public recruitment platform Career Gate. Any application without registration will not be considered. Therefore, applicants should check if the application process is complete.

4.11. During the application made within the application deadline via the public recruitment platform Career Gate; Applications in the “Application Not Yet Completed” process in the “Application Status” column on the “Your Applications” screen can be updated by clicking the “Update” button.

4.12. Applicants are responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and consistent with the issues set forth in this advertisement, and for uploading the requested documents into the system at the application stage. Candidates who do not respect these issues will not be able to assert any rights.

4.13. Applicants who successfully complete their application will be able to print the “Application Information” after completing the application process.

4.14. Candidates will only be able to apply for one title from the advertised positions. Applications from those applying for more than one position and applications that are not duly and/or submitted on time will not be accepted.

4.15. Since applicants will receive their KPSS score, associate degree and undergraduate education, department they graduated from, military service, criminal record and population information, it will be obtained through web services relevant institutions via e-government at the time of application. .

No supporting documents will be requested at this stage. If there is any error in said applicants’ information, they should have the necessary updates/corrections made by the relevant institutions before applying.