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The government approves the national forest management strategy

At its meeting on December 29, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the National Forest Management Strategy of Ukraine until 2035.

As stated in the government portal, the document was drafted to implement the decision of the National Security and Defense Council “on the challenges and threats to the national security of Ukraine in the field of the environment and priority measures to neutralize them ”, promulgated by Presidential Decree No. 111. of March 23, 2021.

Among the existing problems of the current forest management system are the imbalance of functions, lack of adequate funding, corruption and illegal logging, low public confidence in foresters, lack of adequate recreational infrastructure and, therefore, the reluctance of Ukrainians to visit the forests.

The national forest management strategy defines key objectives to meet these challenges. In particular, it plans to introduce effective forest management by reforming the existing system, ensuring the resilience of forests to climate change, digitizing the industry, developing leisure activities, creating an appropriate system of specialized training and developing the potential. scientist.

Due to the implementation of the Strategy, the total forest stock of Ukraine is expected to increase to at least 2.5 billion cubic meters. Increase in the level of greenhouse gas absorption, renewal of reserves, construction and repair of forest roads, etc. are also expected

The implementation of the Strategy will increase the number of tourists up to 10 million people who will use forest recreational infrastructure each year.

In addition, an open electronic information system in the field of forest management will be set up.

It is planned to create a modern material and technical base of research institutions and training systems for the forest industry.

“The strategy is a real guide for Ukraine on how to effectively reform the forestry sector, setting clear goals and objectives. Only by realizing them can we ensure the sustainable development of forestry, help to fulfill the ecological function of forests and increase the share of the forestry sector in the gross domestic product of Ukraine ”, said Ruslan Strilets , Acting Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

To date, the total area of ​​the Ukrainian forest fund is 10.4 million hectares, or 15.9% of the territory of the country. Ukraine ranks 9th in Europe in terms of forest area and 6th in terms of timber reserves.