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The blocking of the Russian delegation’s page was an act of censorship — Member of the Human Rights Council – Society and culture

MOSCOW, January 17./TASS/. Kirill Vyshinsky of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights considers Facebook’s blocking of the page of the Russian delegation to the Vienna talks on security and arms control an act of censorship.

“I support Roskomnadzor’s (Russian telecommunications watchdog) assessment that called Facebook’s moves an act of censorship. What happened could be some form of pressure on our delegation which was deprived of the possibility of expressing one’s position through a popular means of obtaining information – social media,” Vyshinsky told the Council’s Telegram channel.

Vyshinsky also noted that through its action, Facebook had demonstrated that “previous decisions by Russian official agencies on sanctions had not changed its policy, running counter to the fundamental principles of freedom of expression and movement some information”.

Head of the Russian delegation Konstantin Gavrilov told TASS on Sunday that Facebook banned access to the delegation’s official account on Friday, citing banned content as the reason. However, according to the Russian diplomat, the delegation only reposted statements by Russian leaders and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Facebook only unblocked the Russian delegation page on January 17.