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Secure Code Warrior Partners with AWS to Improve Developer-Led Security

Developer-led security has received a much-needed elevation due to a strategic partnership between Secure Code Warrior and AWS, with enterprises now able to deliver enhanced cloud security and compliance.

Secure Code Warrior is now part of the AWS Global Startup Program, in addition to being listed on the AWS Marketplace. This partnership is beneficial to AWS and Secure Code Warrior customers as it addresses the need for security to be intrinsic to a developer’s workflow and central to a company’s culture, thus meeting the growing demand of the market and growing demands to stop application vulnerabilities from day one.

Vikram Ghosh, senior vice president of strategic alliances at Secure Code Warrior, said the increased support from AWS will help the company accelerate its global growth, especially in North America, and provide customers with the tools they need. need to be secure in the cloud as cybersecurity becomes essential for companies that move all of their operations to this platform.

“Secure Code Warrior customers now know that while AWS provides cloud security, we [SCW] ensuring their security in the cloud, thanks to our human approach that embeds secure coding into the developer’s DNA, ”said Ghosh.

This partnership between AWS and Secure Code Warrior also means that customers can easily access and use its software through the AWS Marketplace. To date, this software responds to AWS and Secure Code Warrior’s shared values ​​of developer-centric security by providing exceptional customer support, keeping aligned software constantly updated, following industry best practices. industry and facilitating quality, secure code at scale, which aligns with AWS. Shared responsibility model.

Secure Code Warrior is one of a handful of Australian organizations that have been accepted into the coveted Global Starter Program, by invitation only. Through this partnership, AWS understood Secure Code Warrior’s vision for secure, human-driven coding, which ensures that organizations are able to release quality, compliant code to customers with confidence.

Now available for purchase from the AWS Marketplace, Secure Code Warrior empowers customers to grow in their respective markets by improving code quality, empowering developers, and delivering secure software faster.

Ghosh added, “We are excited about this evolution of Secure Code Warrior’s partnership with AWS, which through its global start-up program has a proven track record of business visibility and rapid growth. Through this partnership, we see a great opportunity for Secure Code Warrior to continue to achieve large-scale growth, while ensuring that software security is intrinsic to both the developer and the customer.