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Seagroves Retires From Emergency Management Position – THE RANT

Lee County Emergency Management Director Shane Seagroves retired on December 1.

Seagroves had worked for Lee County as a Fire Marshal since 2007 and became Director of Emergency Management in 2009. His combined time in local fire and emergency services spans over 30 years.

Seagroves said the rant he plans to move on to a full-time job at a private consulting firm he recently created.

“We have built a successful public safety consultancy business over the past two years and I am very happy to start the third year focusing only on building and expanding across the state,” he said. he declares. “I have been fortunate to have worked with amazing people over the past 30 years and most importantly the citizens of Lee County are second to none. “

His retirement comes less than a month later Seagroves received the Colonel Phillip Nicholas Waters Award of the North Carolina Emergency Management Association on November 2.

The award is presented to the local director of emergency management who has “demonstrated outstanding success in their local emergency management program and contributed to the overall good and success of the emergency management system in the state. From North Carolina.

His award citation mentioned his service to other parts of the state during a disaster, as well as the 2011 tornado that struck Lee County and his department’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic as examples. of his service.