Human rights

Rights organization of the Americas reveals that Colombia has partially adopted measures to prevent rights violations by security forces – JURIST

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has published its 2021 annual report, revealing that Colombia has only partially adopted the necessary measures to prevent human rights violations by its security forces. The IACHR’s annual report “addresses the human rights situation and presents the relevant progress made in the Americas, as well as the outstanding challenges.

In order to uphold the rights to life, humane treatment and personal liberty, the IACHR makes recommendations to implement “the necessary measures to prevent agents of the State from committing human rights violations”. and international humanitarian law”.

The IACHR recommended that Colombia:

Adopt appropriate measures so that members of the security forces who are implicated in cases of violations of human rights or IHL are suspended from their active functions until a final decision is rendered within the framework of disciplinary or criminal proceedings in such cases.

The human rights body said in the report released Thursday that Colombia’s compliance with its recommendation was only partial. It was deemed partial based on the IACHR’s observations on Colombia regarding “the reorganization and persistence of illegal armed groups in its territory”. Additionally, in 2021, the IACHR expressed concern about violence in Colombia, “particularly violence linked to illegal groups fighting for illicit economic activities in peripheral areas where state presence is limited” .