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Province aims to advance energy security in Washington, D.C.

By rdnewsNOW Staff

North American Energy Strategy

June 19, 2022 | 5:28 p.m.

The provincial government says Alberta continues to promote a North American energy strategy to create long-term energy security and affordability.

Premier Jason Kenney and Minister of Energy Sonya Savage will travel to Washington, DC to represent Alberta at meetings on Capitol Hill and participate in the IHS Oil Sands Dialogue. In addition, Premier Kenney and Minister Savage will participate in events hosted by Pathways Alliance.

“The world needs more responsibly produced energy and Alberta, which adheres to the highest environmental, human rights and labor standards, is the logical choice to help meet that demand,” said said Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta. “Alberta stands ready to help our American neighbors create a stable, affordable and ethical energy system for North America, and we look forward to productive discussions as part of this mission.

“We continue to work to address North American and global energy security concerns that have been overlooked for far too long,” adds Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy.. “It is important that Alberta has a seat at the table when these issues are discussed. Our energy sector supports jobs on both sides of the border, reduces energy costs in the United States, and plays a vital role in maintaining a reliable and affordable North American energy system.