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Pak’s solidarity for Kashmir based on lies and fraud, says human rights activist

06 February 2022 10:13 STI

Islamabad [Pakistan]Feb. 6 (NNA): Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, human rights activist and chairman of the United Kashmir People’s National Party, said that Pakistan’s solidarity towards Kashmir is based on lies and their policy is to deceive people. people and the world.
He also said that the China-Pakistan Economic Boundary (CPEC) is for the benefit of China, not Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan and others occupied by Pakistan.
Mocking Pakistan, he added that the begging bowl might not empty due to China’s commercial and strategic needs.
Kashmiri said, “Pakistan still continues to conspire against the administration of Kashmir. Pakistan has terminated the state subjects of Pakistan-occupied Gilgit Baltistan and appointed officers on loan to Kashmir.”

He criticized Pakistan for restricting freedom of expression in Kashmir and said: “Pakistan has imposed Law 74 on the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir which undermines their freedom of expression and contains provisions that compel Kashmiri people to become Pakistanis.”
He said the solidarity with Kashmiris, which Pakistan marks on February 5, is a deception.
“Pakistan has occupied Kashmir with force and the nation has never thought about the welfare of the Kashmiri people,” he added.
He asked that if Pakistan is so concerned about Kashmir, why does it not ask its officers on loan to leave and let the local authorities operate.
He blamed Pakistan and said the nation is looting Kashmir’s natural resources. (ANI)