Human resources

Nurse could have offered resources – The Durango Herald

I was appalled to read the March 18 letter from the nurse who helped a Texas woman get an abortion. As a medical professional, the nurse had a duty to attend first to the mental state of the woman and to provide medical treatment and/or advice so that she could make an informed decision in about the child she was carrying. The nurse should also have referred him to resources to help with his unemployment and loss of housing. But instead, the nurse sees pregnancy as a problem rather than what it really is, a gift to give life to this world.

Had the mother been referred to an organization like Lifeguard in Durango, or many others across the state that offer counseling, financial and personal support throughout the pregnancy and beyond, she could have gone through the rest of her life knowing that she had not chosen to kill her child. But unfortunately, she was brainwashed into thinking she was the victim of something horrible that needed to be eliminated. Where is the compassion and understanding for the child? So many couples are waiting to adopt children, yet our medical community and others continue to ignore the value of human life by encouraging abortion, just to “fix a problem”. Shameful.

Sheryl Inglat