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NID increases executive compensation after market research – YubaNet

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) trustees approved two separate items regarding employee compensation at their last meeting. the first element approved a 6% cost of living adjustment for managers and employees over a two-year three-step period of 2%. the second element Significantly increased the compensation of managers and adds two additional step increases (from 5 maximum to 7 maximum) to the following positions: Deputy CEO, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Director of Engineering (vacant) CFO (vacant) human resources director (vacant) hydroelectric Manager, maintenance manager, recreation manager and water operations manager.

The directors unanimously approved the two points. The pay increases were based on a study of market rates of comparable districts and administrators expressed support for retaining the specialist knowledge provided by managers.

Managers are expected to exceed expectations and two more increases are intended to incent current and future staff to fill these positions.

Current salary vs January 2022 for managers, excluding social benefits and other compensation

Position Salary 2021 (step 5) Salary 2022 (step 5) 2022 step 7
Deputy General Director 168,105.60 215,030.40 237,078.40
Secretary of the Board 102,107.20 119,912.00 132,225.60
Director of Engineering 182,124.80 198,099.20 218,400.00
Head of Finance 168,105.60 198,099.20 218,400.00
Human Resources Director 105,726.40 146,016.00 160,992.00
Hydroelectric manager 166,483.20 198,099.20 218,400.00
Maintenance manager 164,777.60 198,099.20 218,400.00
Recreation manager 134,326.40 146,016.00 160,992.00
Water operations manager 164,777.60 198,099.20 218,400.00

Line staff also receive minor pay increases. The district has been downsizing over the past year, according to the verbal report provided by General Manager Hanson.

The afternoon session was devoted to a budget workshop.