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New York Attorney General announces agreement with Syracuse management company Green National

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – New York Attorney General Letitia James announced an agreement Tuesday with Greenland Property Services, LLC and Green National. The agreement requires them to remedy all housing code violations within 60 days or a fine.

The announcement comes after James’ office investigated Green National properties in the Syracuse area and found evidence of unsanitary conditions, criminal activity and repeated code violations. The agreement means that Green National will pay a $300,000 fine for these violations unless all terms of the agreement are met within 60 days. If the agreement is respected, $250,000 will be suspended. $50,000 will be paid, “with immediate effect”, to the State.

“Today we warn Green National: Immediately address uninhabitable living conditions in your buildings, or face my office and the law head-on,” Attorney General James said. “New Yorkers have a right to livable and safe homes, and landlords have an obligation to provide them. My office will continue to hold homeowners accountable for shirking responsibility at the expense of New York families.

The terms of the agreement between Attorney General James and Green National require Green National to correct all outstanding code violations with 60 days at their New York properties. At Skyline Apartments, these outstanding violations include health and safety issues, complying with Syracuse’s pollution clearance order, maintaining “no loafing” signs, monitoring building activity, securing doors and the use of continuous security at reception. Other violations include health and safety issues at James Apartments and 149 code violations at Vincent Apartments.

Last year, in February 2021, Victoria Afet murdered 93-year-old Connie Tuori in her Skyline apartment. Another woman was shot last month, in January 2022.

Attorney General James noted that owning requires being responsible.

“We will not tolerate landlords profiting from poverty.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James

Green National owns more than 1,000 apartments in buildings in the Syracuse area. The residents of these buildings generally have a modest or fixed income, are elderly or have health problems. The deal between Green National and Attorney General James follows investigations into the many flats.

Many representatives of the region praised the action of Attorney General James. Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon said, “Thanks to the work of Attorney General James and Mayor Walsh, this accountability is ongoing and should serve as a sign to other landlords that these types of conditions will not be tolerated. ”

Mayor Ben Walsh also shared his thoughts. “The City of Syracuse is lobbying from all sides to hold Green National accountable for providing its residents with safe and quality living conditions. When we asked Attorney General James for help, his office responded with additional authority and resources to help us manage all of the company’s properties in Syracuse.