Human resources

New resources to come

By Veronica Smith-Creer

I would like to take this opportunity to share that this month will be the last month of Mayor’s Moment. As the 2022 election season approaches, it is imperative to keep things in perspective. In the next few columns, I will share information on current processes and procedures and continue to encourage citizen participation in local government.

We are currently working on the city directory which will include information for all city services. City Hall is currently receiving many calls that should be routed to the Public Works Department. Instead of just transferring all calls, we would like to make sure that citizens can contact the right office for their specific issues. We will also provide in the directory the numbers and positions of all council members, as they are above the public works department.

The directory will also give the information for the staff here at the town hall. It will provide the names and positions of the current staff. When you call the town hall, the phone automatically rings at the receptionist and she is able to transfer all calls. With the City Directory, citizens will know who to contact regarding the needs they may have without wasting time.

The Mayor’s Monthly Mixer will begin this month. We have it scheduled for Thursday, January 27 at 5 p.m. This will give citizens the opportunity to see the staff and better understand the duties of their positions. The staff of the town hall is made up of the director of human resources, the municipal collector, the municipal receptionist, the accounts payable clerk and the caretaker. Although she is also an elected official just like me, the city clerk’s office is also here at town hall.

We hope that these additional efforts will better equip our citizens with the knowledge necessary for day-to-day processes and procedures. It has been observed over the past three years that many have a misconception about how the business of the city is run. It is beneficial for everyone to have accurate information.

The ramifications of poor communication at any level make us all a disservice.

Since the council chose to meet only once a month, I proposed to hold a town hall to replace it as a platform for citizens to not only share issues or concerns, but also to share information on the state of affairs with the city. While this is not yet confirmed, I believe it will help keep the public involved in our local government and keep moving the city forward.

This year will be one of the many revelations. There are things in the works that will manifest this year for all of us! I still hope that we get to the point where we all understand that moving forward requires forward thinking.

There is nothing more constant than change. We should all be better together!

Veronica Smith-Creer is the mayor of El Dorado. She can be reached at [email protected]