Human resources

New allocation of teachers, civil servants will depend on human resources-govt

Deputy Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), David Silinde, told lawmakers that while the demand for teachers is in nearly every district council in the country, there is no no favoritism in new jobs.

“The government is following the existing criteria for assigning teachers based on demand and availability,” he stressed.

Silindewa responding to a follow-up question from Iramba East MP Francis Mtinga (CCM) who had wanted to know the number of teachers who would be assigned to Mukalama, which got only 12 teachers, compared to other districts which got 40 teachers last posting.

“What are the strategies used by the government to distribute the new workers in the different district councils, in particular the teachers? asked the legislator.

Silinde explained that it employs workers, including teachers, in accordance with the availability of budgeted funds during the fiscal year.

He said afterwards, the new recruits are allocated to the different district councils according to the combinations, the directive that each school should have no less than eight teachers and the pupil-teacher ratio in primary schools.

The Deputy Minister added that for secondary schools, the criteria for the allocation of teachers are to identify the number of students taking specific subjects in each class, to identify streams by level, where a stream has 40 students from the first to the fourth and 35 pupils from the fifth and six.

Other criteria include the number of students to be taught in each subject according to curriculum guidelines and the maximum number of lessons per teacher.

This is a maximum lesson requirement per teacher of 30 lessons and a minimum of 28 lessons, all 40 minutes each. The government recently announced the hiring of 32,000 teachers and health workers this month.