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Netsmart and Bamboo Health collaborate to promote care coordination and crisis management

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, netsmart announced a partnership with Bamboo Health, a leading provider of data and healthcare IT solutions, to create a comprehensive behavioral health referral network supporting the national effort to address the need to implement a 988 crisis management system. In this strategic technology partnership, Netsmart and Bamboo Health will come together to create one of the most robust crisis management solutions on the market. The integrated solution will accelerate access to treatment for people in crisis, connect individuals to a network of care, and enable effective post-crisis care coordination.

Netsmart will integrate Bamboo Health Open Beds Solution within the CareManager population health management platform, currently used by many nursing home organizations, managed care organizations (MCOs), social services, and post-acute care providers across the country. Working together to connect healthcare providers, emergency services and crisis response professionals through a national network, OpenBeds and Netsmart will provide an advanced system to help states, counties and providers respond to requests from 988 and crisis lines. By streamlining the coordination of mobile emergency services, bed availability at treatment centers, electronic transfers, and referrals to behavioral health services, the solution will create a holistic view of an individual’s journey, including medical history, treatments and services, which will make it easier for providers to get patients. engaged with the right level of care they need quickly.

Netsmart and Bamboo Health are excited to announce that the Missouri Behavioral Health Council will deploy the solution as part of a statewide approach to create a comprehensive statewide crisis network (known as Missouri Behavioral Health Connect – MOConnect). MOConnect will support crisis management for the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Missouri Behavioral Health Council (MBHC) and its member organizations, as well as health and community response partners across the state. With the vision of MBHC and its members, Missouri Behavioral Health Connect will validate the value of an integrated, connected statewide approach to crisis management and care coordination.

“By collaborating with Netsmart, we can together strengthen our statewide networks to effectively manage and respond to crises by integrating our OpenBeds solution within the CareManager population health and care coordination platform.” , said Rob Cohen, CEO of Bamboo Health. “Through this innovative technology initiative, we can leverage one of the nation’s largest community interoperability networks to connect to the broader healthcare ecosystem. Together, we enable care coordination and leverage robust data and analytics for population health management that improve patient outcomes during and after the crisis.

MBHC, a long-time Netsmart partner, operates many components of the CareFabric platform and began using CareManager to break down data silos and streamline the complex process of operationalizing population health management in 2016. MBHC members have significantly improved their workflows using of CareManager and have extended their use cases within the platform to other programs, including the CCBHC model which is transforming service delivery for community mental health centers across the country.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this unique partnership and to continue to leverage technology to empower our award-winning care teams across the state with the right technology to support the delivery of the best care,” said MBHC CEO and Chairman Brent McGinty. “In Missouri, we are going ‘beyond the call’ in our approach to implementing the 988 crisis hotline by working with all stakeholders to ensure those in need are not not only have someone to call when needed, but connect them to resources to enable better long-term outcomes Addressing the deployment of a comprehensive crisis system within the context of all behavioral health initiatives in courses in Missouri, including the CCBHC model, we can make it happen.

The CCBHC model enables agencies to provide a full range of physical, mental health and addictions treatments and services, providing expanded care while helping to reduce costs in the behavioral health ecosystem. Behavioral health providers who achieve CCBHC certification are uniquely positioned to serve as the foundation for the new national crisis response system, and Missouri has led the way in proving the value of the CCBHC initiative.

“We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Bamboo Health, as we collectively redefine how states facilitate crisis management,” said Mike Valentine, CEO of Netsmart. “We believe that partnering with leading technology providers to further extend the value of our CareFabric platform demonstrates our commitment to innovation and collaboration to meet the needs of our customers. As a longtime MBHC partner and supporter of CCBHC funding, we couldn’t be happier to see this project come to life and continue to improve this and other statewide efforts.

To learn more about the Netsmart, Bamboo Health and MBHC strategic technology partnership, stop by netsmart booth 313 at the National Mental Wellness Council Conference (NATCON22) in Washington, DC, April 11-13.

About bamboo health

Bamboo Health (formerly known as Appriss Health + PatientPing) is a health technology solutions company, focused on advancing collaborative care and delivering actionable insights and insights into the entire continuum of care. As one of the largest and most diverse care collaboration networks in the nation, our technology solutions equip healthcare providers and payers with software, insights and information to facilitate holistic care. of the person in all areas of physical and behavioral health. By electronically serving 2,500 hospitals, 8,000 post-acute care facilities, 25,000 pharmacies, 32 health plans, 50 state governments, and more than one million acute and outpatient providers through more than 500 clinical information, we impact more than a billion patient encounters per year in provider workflows. . Healthcare systems, payers, providers, pharmacies, governments, individuals and other organizations rely on Bamboo Health to improve care and reduce costs. Connect with Bamboo Health at Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. To visit to learn more.

About the Missouri Behavioral Health Council

The mission of the Missouri Behavioral Health Council is to enable access to quality mental health services for all citizens of Missouri who need such services, while maximizing their human potential and quality of life. This mission will be accomplished through the continued maintenance and development of a stable, statewide network of comprehensive, community-based behavioral health care.

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Netsmart, a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions and services, designs, builds and delivers Electronic Health Records (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), powerful, intuitive and simple telehealth and analysis solutions and services. -utilize. Our platform provides accurate and up-to-date information easily accessible to members of the care team on the human services and post-acute care markets (which include home care, palliative care and nursing homes). the elderly). We make the resort simple and personalized so our clients can focus on what they do best: providing services and treatments that support the care of the whole person.

By leveraging the powerful Netsmart network, care providers can seamlessly and securely integrate information across communities, collaborate on the most effective treatments, and improve outcomes for the people they care for. Our streamlined systems and personalized workflows put relevant information at users’ fingertips when and where they need it.

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