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Migrant worker self-health management rule to be relaxed from Friday

Taipei, May 26 (CNA) Starting Friday, migrant workers arriving in Taiwan will no longer have to observe the seven-day self-health management protocol following mandatory quarantine, the Ministry of Labor said Thursday. (MOL).

Under current Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) regulations, migrant workers arriving in the country must observe seven days of mandatory hotel quarantine, followed by a seven-day self-health management period at the same place.

The MOL said the easing, which was approved by the CECC, will be implemented to free up capacity at local quarantine hotels, which are housing increasing numbers of COVID-19 people who are either elderly, either mild or asymptomatic infections.

The new rule will apply to migrant workers who are already in Taiwan and are under quarantine or are currently observing health management, the ministry said.

The relaxed restriction was also considered due to the short incubation period of the Omicron variant, he added.

However, after the migrant workers left the hotel quarantine, the Department of Labor said employers should still help them implement outbreak prevention protocols, including taking their temperature and responding to authorities on a daily basis. their state of health.

If migrant workers show no symptoms of COVID-19, they will be allowed to return to work, but must wear a face mask at all times and not attend group activities or gatherings, the Labor Department said. .

According to MOL statistics as of May 25, a total of 39,670 migrant workers have arrived in Taiwan after the country lifted its entry ban on February 15 on migrant workers from the four main countries of origin – Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The 39,670 people included 35,370 industrial workers and 4,300 domestic helpers, the data showed, while indicating that 14,954 were from Vietnam, followed by Indonesia with 10,431, Thailand with 7,785 and the Philippines with 6,500.