Human security

Mediator dismissed after requesting initiation of proceedings against Secretary of Security Council of Armenia

The Armenian Corruption Prevention Commission rejected the Human Rights Defender’s request to prosecute Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan.

Grigoryan gave an interview to the RusArmInfo news site, and the video recording of the interview was posted on the official Security Council website on October 21, 2021.

In the interview, Grigoryan said the following when he referred to Arman Tatoyan [Human Rights Defender of Armenia].

“After the revolution, several circles presented themselves as members of the opposition, even if they must be impartial, starting with the Constitutional Court and ending with several structures. If these are not structures, then some people in positions within those structures have tried to be counterrevolutionary, and this process is largely over, although not completely. Some political circles have made statements, the person you quoted made a political statement that the Ministry of Defense refuted; the human rights defender, who tried to be part of the opposition, tried to earn dividends by making political statements. He also has a few months left before getting involved in more overt political activities. Its time is almost up and I am sure the Civil Contract faction will nominate its candidate. Did you hear an unbiased statement from him? These statements were mostly political, at least in the post-revolutionary period. “

Prior to that, Tatoyan issued a statement claiming that Azerbaijani troops who invaded Armenia’s territory months ago were carrying out fortification and engineering work, but the Defense Ministry denied this. The Human Rights Defender opposed the rebuttal, claiming that this statement and other statements by the Human Rights Defender are based on reliable data obtained through fact-finding activities, and that the mentioned statement is based on facts that the Office of the Defender of Human Rights has systematically gathered after daily monitoring and studies of alarming reports. Tatoyan stressed that “a campaign aimed at discrediting the activities of the human rights defender of Armenia has been launched and the secretary of the Security Council has joined the campaign”.

On November 1, Tatoyan addressed the Corruption Prevention Commission, claiming that Armen Grigoryan had violated the requirement of the Civil Service Act that public officials are required to observe the principles of conduct prescribed by the law and the rules of conduct deriving from these principles.

In order to reject the request, the Commission presented the justification that the Corruption Prevention Commission had not adopted a code of conduct for those in positions in the state when the video showing the interview with Armen Grigoryan, including his statements on the Human Rights Defender was posted on the Security Council’s YouTube channel, and therefore, according to the ruling, it is impossible to say whether or not there is a violation.