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Malawi: Security firm boss and police urge vigilance over rising criminal activity

Malawi’s leading security provider, Target Security Group, has advised businesses and high-net-worth individuals to reassess their security arrangements following soaring criminal activities such as thefts, burglaries, arson and death threats.

The warning is consistent with what the Malawi Police Service said at the start of the day while asking the public to be extremely vigilant due to the spikes in crime in the country, mainly exacerbated by the decrease in economic activities and the rising cost of living, unemployment due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic among the masses.

Criminals successfully robbed Zomba Police Station where they stole a rifle loaded with 10 rounds of ammunition, while at Lilongwe Police Station they stole car batteries and various items from seized parked cars at office.

However, Target Security Group chief executive Davie Kavinya said their reading of criminal activity shows the worst is yet to come, but as partners of the police in fighting crime they are doing their best. to jointly tackle the situation.

“The police can’t do everything on their own. They need strong partners like Target Security Group, who understand that we also need the police to do a great job. You will recall that a few weeks ago , our security guards managed to subdue the armed robbers and chased them away, saving the businesses in the area millions of Kwachas.

“Due to increased criminal activity, we are responding to more calls regarding ongoing thefts, intrusions into residences and businesses as criminals search for items to sell.

“We also deploy security dogs. You might want to know that we have some of the best dogs in the country, all purebred, high-powered that no criminal can handle. These dogs are available for short-term rental. and long-term and offer many advantages over standard security guards,” says Kavinya whose company has offices in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Liwonde and Chikwawa.

Malawi Police Spokesman James Kadadzera ACP in a statement last week acknowledged growing public concerns that the situation has become worrying, particularly as a particular section of society is being targeted by criminals.

“We would therefore like to assure the public that the Service is monitoring the security situation in the country and that there is no cause for alarm,” Kadadzera said.

Target Security Group says, “Deliver peace of mind through advanced integrated electronic security (CCTV, access control, intruder alarms), guarding, rapid response, intelligence and security management services. facilities”.

“All business people and high net worth individuals are a targeted sector, so we are asking them to reassess their security posture to protect their assets and their lives. Do not put your staff and family in traumatic conditions, you have the opportunity to act now.

“Consider the dog safety benefits and if you are unsure please contact us by phone: 0211401500 – Calls and WhatsApp: 0882 759 980 / 0888827758”

Why use a dog / dog handler to protect your business and your residence?

Security dogs add a new dimension to your security practices, providing a much more visible element to your security details. Security dogs effectively complement the skills of security guards, naturally providing higher levels of threat detection and, therefore, faster response.

Dogs have superior hearing and can easily detect sounds before humans. They typically hear sounds four times farther than humans and are able to hear sounds at a much higher frequency than humans, allowing them to quickly alert guards to any trouble they may not be aware of. not already aware.

In cases where intruders can hide from line of sight, it may be impossible for security guards or manned patrols alone to know of their presence until a breach has occurred or they have seen the author.

In isolated areas or sites, the security dog ​​ensures that guards are not exposed to increased levels of risk without immediate access to backup and protection.