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Mainly male IT human resources: ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Human resources in Indonesia’s information and communication technology sector are dominated by men, the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Welfare has said.

“Speaking of the skills and quality of our human resources in terms of the digital aspects, it’s still predominantly male, yes,” said the deputy for gender equality at the ministry, Lenny N. Rosalin, during the meeting. ‘Indonesia Women in Cyber ​​Security (IWCS) Annual Summit 2022’ event, accessible from here Monday.

She cited data that put women’s participation in global cybersecurity at just 11%.

“The low participation, role and involvement of women in cybersecurity, globally, (according to) the literature I read, was around 11%,” Rosalin said.

This gives women an opportunity to showcase their abilities and prove that they can pursue a career in the information and communication technology sector, she added.

“For women, with the creation of Women in Cyber ​​Security Indonesia, I think it (became an opportunity) for women to be able to prove themselves (to others), to show (to others) that they can “, she said.

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She added that she expects cybersecurity to become a career choice for women.

The reason for the gender gap in the sector is the low number of women who use mobile phones, access the internet, use financial services and study science, technology and mathematics in education compared to men , she added.

The pre-existing gender stereotype that the IT industry is a male domain has also contributed to the low percentage of women willing to explore a career in the industry.

“The gender stereotype, which sees the IT world as a male space that only suits men, may be one of the reasons why women are reluctant to dive into it,” added the MP.

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