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As part of our new special feature, we’ve assembled a selection of the best resources and technologies to advance your infectious disease research and understanding of virology.

Read on to explore recent learnings from COVID-19 research and the latest developments in viral therapy, from Ebola vaccines to next-generation antifungals. Plus, learn about new technologies designed to help you master cell seeding and enable analysis of viral gene expression in real time.

Ingrid Hayenga Merck

THERAPEUTIC ANTIBODIES: Advancing the development of COVID-19 neutralizing antibodies

In this article, we chat with Kevin Entzminger, Director of Antibody Discovery and Engineering at Abwiz Bio, to learn more about how virus neutralizing antibodies have proven to be a key tool in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, the benefits of using Byte in this work, and why scientific communication and collaboration among researchers is so important.

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Ingrid Hayenga Merck

ANTIVIRAL THERAPIES: Fast, real-time results for the study of viral biology

In this video, Dr. Rebecca Dubois of the University of California describes the benefits of using the Sartorius Byte® in his research to understand the molecular mechanisms of human viral infection and to develop new vaccines and antiviral therapies.

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Amadeo Fernandex-Alba, Agilent

BLOT WEST: Automated protein quantification for Ebola vaccine development

In this application note, learn how protein detection and quantification can be streamlined for vaccine development, against Ebola and other diseases, with Simple Western instrumentation.

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COVID-19[FEMALE:[FEMININE: Recent Developments in COVID-19 Virology Research

In this application note, Sartorius presents a series of four articles, demonstrating the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 at the molecular level and its importance for the development of effective vaccines, treatments and prognostic tests.

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HUMAN LEUCOCYTE ANTIGEN: Identifying the severity of COVID-19 via HLA types

In this article, PromoCell explores the potential of using the HLA type to identify individuals at higher risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection, explain the differences in epidemic trend in different countries and also help in the development of new vaccines. .

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THE GENE EXPRESSION: Study the molecular mechanism of viral replication in real time

In this application note, BMG LABTECH describes a method to analyze the expression of viral genes in near real time using fluorescence as a proxy for infection.

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CELLULAR VIABILITY: Accurate and reproducible automated cell seeding

In this application note, INTEGRA Biosciences demonstrates how cell viability, contamination avoidance, high experimental reproducibility and precision can be mastered using the VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 portable electronic pipettes.

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More cutting edge virology resources:

  • Autoantibodies: In this article, learn how autoantibodies could be the key to the early diagnosis of a range of diseases, and learn about the technology that is advancing their discovery. Read the article “
  • Antimicrobial resistance: Hear an infectious disease expert talk about the collaborative work underway to analyze samples of complex pathogens and protect public health. Read the article “
  • The host-pathogen life cycle: This infographic illustrates the entire life cycle of a pathogen within a host and describes how live cell analysis, advanced flow cytometry, and marker-free binding analysis can help better understand these. dynamic processes. Download the infographic »
  • An essential tool in virology research: In this eBook, we demonstrate the applications and versatility of microplate readers across a multitude of viral assays and show how they can be seamlessly integrated into high throughput automated systems. Download the eBook »
  • Bacterial cell count for antifungal screening: Find out how the latest advances in multi-omics are being applied to the development of next-generation antifungal therapies. Read the article “
  • Immune responses to SARS-CoV-2: Watch this on-demand webinar to better understand the differences between immune responses in COVID-19 patients with moderate and severe illness and the development of autoimmunity in COVID-19. Watch on demand »
  • The best stories presented at the AACC 2021 conference: Learn about the latest research and technology showcased at this year’s AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Laboratory Expo. Read the article “

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