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Listen: Cal Poly Construction Management wins big in regional competition

Students in Cal Poly’s Construction Management Department won multiple awards in the Region 7 Construction Associated Schools Student Competition in February.

Ten of Cal Poly’s 12 teams placed in the competition, building a solid reputation for the university in future competitions.

Thomas Rogers, head of construction management, was co-captain of the concrete solutions team during the competition and talks about the preparation process.

“We’re going to get a practice issue at the start of the fall term and then one at the start of the winter term,” Rogers said.

In the February competition, each team is given a problem relating to a specific area of ​​construction management, which they have 18 hours to complete. The next day, they have to give a presentation on their solution.

This is Rogers’ third year on the team and his first year as captain. He said he joined the team for the Cal Poly “Learn by Doing” experience.

“It’s something you can’t really learn in the classroom,” Rogers said. “So being kind of forced to be locked in a hotel room for those 18 hours – we call it the war room – kind of brings you closer to the real-world experience that you’ll be facing when you will graduate [from] CalPoly.

Rogers said that even after graduating, he plans to stay involved in the department to help students who come after him.

“I think it’s important that when we graduate that we come back and really help the people who are still here,” Rogers said. “It kind of strengthens that relationship and that trust. Then when they graduate and work for other companies, they have an even stronger connection with them within the industry. »

56 different universities entered the contest in Reno from February 9-12. The competition also gave students the opportunity to connect with future employers, according to construction management junior Tommy Collins.

“There are only so many companies that come to these events. They’re constantly recruiting,” Collins said. “It’s a great opportunity to meet people to, you know, also learn about the industry itself.”

Collins was also part of Cal Poly’s Concrete Solutions team, which won the first-place trophy.

Collins said he was also able to learn important life skills while competing.

“It teaches you how to speak in public because you have to go and give a presentation,” Collins said. “It teaches you an unreal amount of different aspects of the construction industry, as well as just learning how to be more social with the people you want to work for.”