Human resources

Kenya has sufficient resources, our problem is rampant corruption

Kenya is richly endowed with adequate resources to meet the needs of the citizens. Between natural and human resources, there is something for everyone.

However, grand corruption and the theft of public resources have condemned a majority of the population to abject poverty. The country aspires to leadership that will eradicate corruption while directing resources to high-impact sectors

Several cases of mega corruption testify to the massive waste of state resources.

In the 1990s, there was the Goldenberg scandal where more than 68 million shillings were said to have been lost. Attempts to bring the culprits to justice have failed. Most of the people mentioned in the scam have since been cleared of any wrongdoing

Then there was the Triton energy scandal where around 7 billion shillings of taxpayer money was embezzled. It came at a time when the country was hit by another scandal involving the importation of corn to protect the common wananchi from biting hunger at the time. As is tradition, Kenyans have been treated harshly; a committee to investigate the scam turned out to be a clean-up affair.

Then came the Anglo Leasing scandal which saw the country lose billions of money through fictitious transactions. It is believed that the looters associated with the scam hid the proceeds in offshore accounts. Tracking down the stolen money was impossible and the country had to pay for questionable numbers.

And more recently, the Covid-19 scam has seen the bleeding of health funds. Money intended for the purchase of personal protective equipment and other equipment was diverted into the pockets of individuals.

It happened after a hustle and bustle over Eurobond money. The cumulative amount of looted money could meet all of our financial, development and recurring needs.

This is why I insist, we have enough money for our needs, not our greed.