Human security

Human security remains a major issue – Security Analyst

Adib Saani is a security analyst

Human security remains an important element to which the government should pay close attention, said Mr. Adib Saani, security analyst and executive director of the Jatikay Center for Human Security and Peacebuilding.

He stressed that youth development, lack of jobs and social amenities should also be taken into account to boost economic development, as this could endanger the security of the nation.

Mr Saani in an interview with Ghana News Agency on the celebration of National Constitution Day explained that we should not always ask what the government should do for us, but also ask what we can do to support the government.

Constitution Day is a statutory holiday observed on January 7 to mark the entry into force of the 1992 Constitution and the birth of the Fourth Republic on that day in 1993.

The 1992 Constitution entered into force for the Fourth Republic of Ghana on January 7, 1993, following its overwhelming approval in a referendum held on April 28, 1992.

He noted that the day was intended to recognize Ghana’s collective efforts to ensure respect for the principles of democracy, the rule of law and constitutionalism.

Mr. Saani said more importantly, the day was to remind citizens of their collective commitment to an unbroken constitutional regime.

He said Ghana had been deemed “the most peaceful country in West Africa, the second in Africa and the 38th in the world”, but we should not be complacent about the peace we enjoy, we must all work together to protect and maintain it.

Mr Saani said: “Over the years we have been able to build on our democratic credentials and Ghana is a shining example among West Africans”.

He recounted that the nation had gone through peaceful elections and a transfer of power from one elected political party to another even though we had our own challenges in the elections, Ghana had come a long way democratically.

He encouraged young people to engage in entrepreneurial ventures instead of relying on government interventions for job creation.

Mr Saani also urged Ghanaians to understand the fact that no matter which political party is in power, the government is for everyone and we must all support the implementation of its policies.

“We all have a duty to defend the country in order to promote economic governance,” he said.