Human rights

Human Rights Seminar at HPU: The Tribune India

A seminar was organized by the Public Administration Department of the HPU on the theme “Reducing Inequalities and Advancing Human Rights” to raise awareness of their rights. The seminar was organized in hybrid mode, both online and offline. Dean of Social Sciences Mamta Mokta welcomed participants and spoke about various aspects of human rights. In the first session, held online, Professor Rajesh Kumar (Kurukshetra) and Lieutenant Colonel Somraj Tripathi (J&K) spoke about human rights violations. In the second session, which was held offline, Professor Padmanabh Gautam spoke about several widespread inequalities in society and offered solutions to correct them.

International Conference on Trends in Maths

Himachal Ganita Parishad (HGP) started a two-day international conference on recent trends in mathematical science in online fashion. Professor PL Sharma, President of the HGP, said the international conferences are a great opportunity for researchers and scientists to present their work. At the conference, researchers will network for future collaborations and learn about new developments in related research areas. He said Himachal Ganita Parishad was the first such organization to be formed with the aim of improving math education at all levels. He added that 84 participants from across the country had registered for the conference and 52 aspiring researchers would present their research at the conference.

Road safety awareness camp

Shimla police educated NSS volunteers on road safety standards at Khalag Public Secondary School. This was done as part of the traffic awareness campaign in the state from December 6 to 15. Students in the camp were also invited to make a pledge against drug use. All Covid protocols were followed during the event.