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How success happened for David Spencer, co-founder of Talent Resources Sports

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When it comes to Super Bowl festivities, no one does it better than experiential sports marketing guru David Spencer. The Talent Resources Sports co-founder has been hosting legendary celebrations centered around the biggest sporting events for over a decade. Its parties – which can take up to two years to plan – are packed with celebrity guests, top athletes and musical performers, and have enough bells and whistles to rival the games themselves.

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“We set the blueprint by creating the event and marketing platforms for brands that might not have the millions of dollars to spend on a traditional Super Bowl campaign,” Spencer said. “We are creating a place at the table for brands that want to be highly targeted, leveraging our relationships in sports and entertainment so that all of our events are media and celebrity focused. Our events are aimed at a very observant audience, which includes the athletes and teams in our network. They come to us for a safe environment where they can network, rather than party. »

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This year is especially notable with the big game taking place at Los Angeles’ bustling new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Being on the territory of a big sporting and festive city, you have an all-out mentality. Even with the Covid protocols in place, Spencer is in no doubt that his Century Park “Sports Illustrated The Party” pre-event extravaganza will go off without a hitch. Enjoying live performances from headliner Jack Harlow, as well as EDM superstar Kygo, Spencer says, “We wanted to curate a mix of genres so there was something for everyone during this event.”

As for her favorite outdoor spot, Spencer says the location “was extremely deliberate — we really wanted to showcase the city of Los Angeles.” While the airy location may be influenced by the pandemic, event-goers will likely never attend a Talent Resources Sports extravaganza in a nightclub, hotel ballroom or other conventional space.

“We prefer to focus on identifying and securing very high value real estate that truly represents the respective city in which we operate,” says Spencer. “The venue really becomes a main attraction and then we take the time to organize the event around it.”

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Spencer’s success was born from the marriage of his background in finance (he has an MBA from NYU) with his passion for marketing and sports. From his experiences working with magician David Blaine, Spencer was introduced to the glitzy side of the professional world. Once he exceeded Blaine’s expectations by landing him an almost impossible gig with the New York Knicks, Spencer’s career pivoted. From there, it was a no-brainer to partner with his childhood friend Mike Heller, who managed the careers of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in their heyday. Talent Resources Sports was born in 2009, and the rest is history.

While success came quickly for the pioneering duo, more than a decade later they proved themselves again amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are a company that has demonstrated the ability to be agile and adapt to current market conditions,” says Spencer. “Even through Covid-19, we turned to digital marketing and continued to act as an intermediary between mainstream brands and the public. We really focused on our digital marketing efforts. With a city like Los Angeles, where there hasn’t been a Super Bowl in almost 30 years, it becomes the perfect embodiment of sports, entertainment and culture.

Campaigns launched by the duo amid the pandemic include Got Milk with Kyle Kuzma and Acker Wines with Kuzma, Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love and JJ Redick. And now, ahead of the highly anticipated Super Bowl weekend affair, Spencer is only thinking about the future.

“After 15 straight years of being on over Super Bowl weekend, we’re back after taking a brief hiatus due to Covid,” says Spencer. “We knew the LA market was too big to miss, so we’re making sure we’re making our mark. The extra time has allowed us to plan for a city like LA while being mindful of our priorities, which are keeping our guests, staff and brand partners safe and their reputations intact.

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