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Engineer Vaibhav Ghadiok Designs World’s First Autonomous Traffic Management Platform

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsView) Indian-born engineer Vaibhav Ghadiok designed the world’s first autonomous traffic management platform. This 36-year-old is a pioneer in the field of robotics with multiple inventions and patents to his credit. He is Executive Vice President of Engineering at Hayden AI (Silicon Valley, US), where he uses his expertise in AI and robotics to improve transit systems around the world. His latest work has applications in building smarter cities and modernizing and optimizing traffic management that will impact millions of people. He is currently working with major US state governments to implement this technology with plans for global expansion. Ghadiok leads a team of 30 talented scientists and engineers who have designed a camera-based perception platform that can be deployed in urban fleets such as transit buses and garbage trucks for automated traffic management and parking. The perception system creates a rich 3D semantic map of its surroundings identifying objects such as lane lines, parking meters, traffic signs, fire hydrants, sidewalks and crosswalks. At each successive passage, he refines this map and updates it. Armed with this map and running deep learning-based computer vision algorithms, the system automatically detects and identifies violations such as vehicles illegally parked in bus lanes. Reducing these violations allows buses to travel faster. This technology enables efficient application by addressing one of the main criticisms of the old bus lane programs. Improving bus speed results in faster journey times and increased ridership. Expressing his perspective on this, Vaibhav Ghadiok said, “Our technology will improve the efficiency of public transport, reduce carbon emissions and make cities more sustainable and connected. It will have a massive positive impact on millions of lives by improving the human experience. As cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai reconsider adopting dedicated bus lanes, the technology developed by Ghadiok will play a key role in their successful implementation. Hayden AI bridges the innovation gap in traffic management by combining artificial intelligence with mobile sensors that have the ability to see and reason in 3D. It paves the way for the creation of smart solutions for the cities of the future. Its autonomous traffic management platform enables innovative cities to improve urban mobility and improve the quality of life of communities by making traffic flows safer and more reliable. Image: Vaibhav Ghadiok REP REP

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