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EDITORIAL: Security Shouldn’t Include Armed Teachers | Opinion

We are happy to see educators, administrators, and state legislators taking school safety seriously.

Active shooting exercises and authentic conversations with students are simply necessary.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to keeping our children safe, but we are sure of one thing: arming teachers should not be part of the equation.

Let the teachers teach.

In the horrific wake of the shooting and death of children at the school in Uvalde, Texas, some people are again pushing to arm teachers.

Frankly, arming teachers is a horrible idea.

Strengthening school security, unfortunately, is necessary.

More trained and armed police, metal detectors, one-stop secure entry points, panic buttons, fences and security rooms are all things needed or at least worth considering, but teachers with guns fire is not the answer.

Having a gun in a classroom, even if the teacher has a concealed carry permit, just creates too many possibilities for things that could go tragically wrong. Some teachers may be ex-police, military, or avid hunters familiar with weapons, but this is most likely a very small percentage of educators.

The only people using a lethal weapon to protect our most precious resource are trained professionals.

Having a handgun license, going to a shooting range and shooting targets, animals, or even going through an active shooter class or two, doesn’t mean you’d be able to defend yourself or anyone. another facing someone with a semi-automatic long gun and with no regard for human life, their own or anyone else’s.

We do not oppose armed, trained and certified police or deputies in our schools. It’s their job. This is what they are trained for.

Shooting AR-15 armed assailants with their small handgun is not a teacher’s job.

We oppose the arming of teachers.

There are better ways to protect our children.