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DPI Offers Updated Advice and Resources for Schools Amid COVID-19 Outbreak


MADISON, Wisconsin – The Wisconsin Department of Public Education is providing schools with advice and support as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise.

In a letter to administrators statewide, DPI encouraged districts to continue with COVID-19 mitigation measures.

These include enrolling in the Department of Health Services’ school testing program and instituting isolation and quarantine measures.

The DPI advised schools to adhere to CDC guidelines, which shortened the period of isolation for asymptomatic people from ten days to five, followed by five days of wearing a properly fitted mask.

Officials have also advised administrators to require masks for everyone in schools.

“We cannot keep our children engaged in learning if we cannot keep our children and our school staff healthy,” State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly said Monday. “We must work together to achieve the common goal of healthy children, healthy educators and safe schools. “

The authorities have also encouraged the districts to offer vaccination and booster clinics in schools.

DHS is also providing schools with money to help fight the spread of the virus through its community outreach grant for COVID-19 vaccination.