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Covid-19: Simplified security management measures will be implemented from March 15

SINGAPORE – Starting next Tuesday (March 15), the government will implement the simplified and safe management measures it first announced last month, as the Covid-19 situation has stabilized here.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said Friday, March 11 that streamlined or simplified measures will be based on: group size, mask wearing, workplace requirements, safe distancing and capacity limits.

The measures were originally due to come into force in phases from February 25, but were postponed after a high number of Covid-19 cases were reported here at the time.

Changes to the latest measures and regulations will come into effect all at once, rather than in phases, from next Tuesday.

1. Group size

The group size allowed for social gatherings remains at five people, as group size directly affects the number of close contacts in society, the health ministry said in its press release on Friday.

The maximum number of unique visitors for each household will increase from five people per day to five at a time.

2. Safety distance

Safe distancing will continue to be required for all settings without a mask, and is encouraged but not required for settings with a mask.

When a safe distance is required, the distance must be maintained at one meter for all parameters.

3. Workplace Requirements

There will be no change to the current status, which allows up to half of employees who can work from home to return to the office.

However, as part of the streamlining of the rules, the government will align regulations so that social gatherings for workplaces are the same as those for social settings in the wider community, as long as people adhere to the general group size and masking rules.

As economic activities resume, the government will also remove the specific restriction on cross-deploying employees in workplaces, although employers may continue to cross-deploy for business continuity reasons.

4. Capacity limits

The size of the events will be established according to the capacity of the venue. The government will lift specific size limits for events such as religious services, business events, press conferences, funeral memorial events, solemnizations, wedding receptions and mask classes.

Zoning requirements at events will also be removed.

For large events involving more than 1,000 people, there will be a 50% capacity limit.

These events or contexts include attractions, cruises, major work-related events, as well as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (Mice).

Large performance halls and sports stadiums will also be included.

For other environments such as malls and freestanding department stores, the current density limit of 10m² per person translates to approximately 50% of site capacity.

People who attend large events which do not require them to wear their masks, but which involve more than 1,000 people, must respect the safety distance of 1 m.

Events of less than 1,000 people are not subject to any capacity limit.

5. Wearing a mask

Everyone must continue to wear their mask outside their home.