Human rights

Council of Human Rights 49: UK Statement under Item 2 General debate

Thank you Mr President.

High Commissioner,

We thank you for focusing on Ukraine, on which the Council discussed its serious concerns last week. We condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an unprovoked and premeditated attack on innocent people and a flagrant violation of international law.


We remain concerned about human rights in Cameroon, including attacks and restrictions on education. All actors should stop attacking and obstructing schools, children and teachers. We continue to urge an impartial investigation so that the perpetrators of violations and abuses to account. We reiterate the need for a continuation and a broad dialogue.

In Zimbabwe, harassment of political opposition, restrictions on freedom of assembly and constraints on civic space continue. We call on Zimbabwe to hold accountable those responsible for human rights abuses and to ensure free and fair elections.

In Uganda, reports of the use of torture against people detained by the security services are deeply disturbing. The Ugandan government must uphold its international human rights obligations, respect democratic freedoms and hold those responsible to account.

We are increasingly concerned about political repression in Nicaragua, controls on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as well as the arbitrary detention and politicized trials of people who opposed President Ortega in the artificial elections of last November. We call on Nicaragua to respect its international obligations.

In Vietnam, the space for civil society and freedom of expression, including online, continues to shrink. We call on Vietnam to allow people to freely express their views, and for those imprisoned for doing so to be released.

Finally, as we explain in more detail later this week, we continue to be deeply concerned about the conflict in northern Ethiopia and the impact it has on human rights.