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By: Cook County Julie Kinney, Social Worker

COOK COUNTRY, MINNESOTA February 18, 2022 (LSNews) Developmental Disabilities (DD) case management services in Cook County are provided by Public Health and Human Services (PHHS).

The DD Case Manager helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families understand what help is available by assessing a person’s needs and connecting them to resources, services and supports. The assessment, called the MnCHOICES assessment, is conducted by trained staff at Cook County PHHS and is provided free of charge to the assessee. The tool helps the assessor determine the person’s eligibility for services. The case manager then works with the person and their family or guardian, if applicable, to determine next steps, set goals, and identify resources.

Person-centred service delivery

Over the past decade, the State of Minnesota has worked to build a more person-centered system to help people with disabilities live and work in ways that are meaningful to them and to promote control people about their own quality of life. Using a person-centred approach means that the person is placed at the center of the service and is treated as a person first. The focus is on the person and what they can do (strengths), instead of focusing on their condition or disabilities. Key areas of support include:

  • Community ongoing participation, contributions and valued community roles
  • Health, well-being and safety, with a focus on communication, relationships and trust
  • own living space is the choice to decide where you live, who you live with and/or who supports you at home
  • Important long-term relationships that are reciprocal and chosen by the person
  • mastery of media, including choice and control of services and funding
  • Employment income and stable incomewhich can be jobs, self-employment and/or stable income from public and private sources.

Home and community services

The availability of federal and state funding helps local and tribal governments develop Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to help ensure that people throughout their lives can obtain long-term supports and services in their homes and communities, if they wish, instead of within institutional settings. These services help people live their lives as independently as possible.

Some examples of home and community services that Cook County PHHS case managers regularly connect people with: Consumer-Directed Community Supports (a unique service option that gives the person the flexibility and accountability direct your services and supports), employment/vocational supports, independent living skills supports and personal supports. Adapted equipment and environmental modifications to homes and vehicles are also available services.


In addition to case management services, there are other ways for people with disabilities and their families to get the support they want. Disability Hub MN is a free, statewide resource network that helps people with disabilities solve problems, navigate the system, and plan for their future.

Learn more about Developmental Disability Services in Cook County and the Department of Public Health and Human Services (PHHS) at the PHHS Board of Directors meeting. The recording of the meeting is available on the Cook County website at You can also visit our website at www.cookcountyphhs.orgcontact us by e-mail at [email protected] or find us on Facebook @CookCountyPHHS or Instagram @cook_county_phhs to learn more about public health and social services resources in Cook County.

By Julie Kinney, Cook County Public Health and Human Services social worker

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