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CJ e-Inaugurates Electronic Filing App for High Court, “Employee Records Management System Application”

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Jammu: The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh today launched an “electronic filing app” for the High Court and an “employee case management system app” for the subordinate judiciary, which has was officially inaugurated by the Chief Justice of the High Court of J&K and Ladakh, Judge Pankaj Mithal in the presence of judges.

The e-Filing app will complement the current High Court filing process with a hassle-free, more transparent, faster, more efficient and more efficient system. From now on, a lawyer or a litigant from his place of work or any other place of his convenience can seize the High Court by connecting to the e-Filing portal. Likewise, the employee records management system aims to manage the human resources working in the subordinate judiciary.

The app contains detailed information about about 2,500 employees of the subordinate magistracy of UTs in J&K and Ladakh. The information included the employee’s personal details to details of all of his seniority assignments. Now, the administrator of the application can retrieve in one click all the relevant files concerning an employee of the subordinate judiciary and can filter the search by name / unique identifier of the employee, by designation, by position occupied and by period of employment. occupation, etc.

IT Committee Chairman Judge Ali Mohammad Magrey, along with Judge Sanjeev Kumar, Judge Rajnesh Oswal, Judge Sanjay Dhar and Judge MA Chowdary joined the inaugural function virtually of the Srinagar wing of the High Court, while that Judge Dhiraj Singh Thakur, Judge Sindhu Sharma, Judge Vinod Chatterji Koul, Judge Puneet Gupta, Judge Javed Iqbal Wani and Judge Mohan Lal attended the event in person while other dignitaries who attended virtually or physically at the event included DC Raina, General Counsel, Jawad Ahmed Registrar General High Court, Rajeev Gupta Principal Secretary of The Chief Justice, Shahzad Azeem Registrar Vigilance, Sanjay Parihar Director J&K Judicial Academy, MK Sharma Member Secretary J&K Legal Services Authority and other officers of the Registry. The event was also broadcast live on the YouTube channel.

The debates of the event were chaired by Anoop Kumar Sharma, coordinator of the central e-Courts project, High Court of J&K and Ladakh, who also gave a brief presentation on the workflow of the two launched applications.