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City of Lawton adopts 2021 stormwater management plan

LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – The City of Lawton has adopted a new stormwater management plan.

Every five years, the Town of Lawton adopts a new stormwater management plan. Officials hope the newer will help raise awareness of the dangers of pollution and how it can affect streams, like the one you see right behind me.

It’s Wolf Creek. It goes from the Country Club to the airport.

Deputy director of public works Cynthia William said she had been identified as struggling or “intoxicated”.

“We want to make sure that we can clean up this area without introducing more pollutants into it,” Williams said. “We want to help improve the chemical, physical and biological state of this creek and we also want to protect all of the other creeks here in Lawton.”

According to Williams, the choices you make every day have an impact on the water everyone uses in the city.

“Your daily activities could introduce pollutants, and we want people to understand that it is very beneficial for us to prevent it because it can be expensive to try to mitigate it later,” said Williams.

She adds that garbage like cigarette butts, oil and paint are also harmful.

“Any type of excess cleaners, pesticides or herbicides. All that. Even your grass and leaves blown on the street can go into our storm sewers and straight into our drinking water, ”said Williams.

Williams said a great way to get involved is by participating in the Adopt-A-Stream and Stream Clean Up projects.

The plan includes six categories, including public education and participation, industrial discharge stormwater control, construction inspection controls, post-construction controls, proper maintenance and dissemination, and l elimination of illegal discharges.

You can find out more on the City of Lawton website,

Williams encourages you to call the 24-hour Emissions Hotline if you notice any illegal releases or illegal dumping.

She said the city inspects 100 percent of the calls they receive. The phone number is 580-581-3565.

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