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calls for the appointment of an LGBTIQA+ human rights commissioner | OUTInPerth

Just.Equal Australia has written to smaller parties and non-registrants urging them to support a National LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner.

Federal government changes Australian Human Rights Commission Act to ensure commissioners are appointed on merit, but Just.Equal Australia wants reform to go further with appointment of a human rights commissioner autonomous LGBTIQA+ man.

So far, LGBTIQA+ human rights have been addressed by other commissioners, including the Commissioner for Human Rights and the President of the AHRC.

Just Equal Australia spokesman Brian Greig (pictured) said there was a clear need for a specific commissioner to cover LGBTIQA+ issues.

“Given that there are already Commissioners for Race, Gender, Age, Indigenous Peoples, Persons with Disabilities and Children, the absence of an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner sends the message that discrimination against us matters less.”

“At a time when attacks on the rights and dignity of LGBTIQA+ Australians are on the rise, it is more important than ever that there is a Commissioner who has the time, resources and expertise to defend our human rights. “

“Voting for an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner would be an important way for the Federal Parliament to show its support and alliance with the LGBTIQA+ community after too many years of government-sponsored attacks on our rights.”

“We have written to all minor parties and independent MPs who support LGBTIQA+ human rights asking them to propose or support an amendment establishing a stand-alone commissioner for LGBTIQA+ human rights.

Brian Greig said Just.Equal Australia supports the government’s decision to make the appointment of commissioners transparent and merit-based.

“We were and remain opposed to the appointment of Lorraine Finlay as Human Rights Commissioner because she supports the undermining of LGBTIQA+ human rights under the guise of religious freedom.”

“We successfully advocated for Ms Finlay not to hold the LGBTIQA+ portfolio, as her predecessors did, but questions remain about the transparency of her appointment.

“His appointment was an example of why the entire appointment process needs to be reformed.” Greig said.

Source: press release

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