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Atascadero’s only cinema reopens under new management

Atascadero’s only movie theater reopened Friday night under new management.

The Galaxy Theaters closed about a week and a half ago, but the new owners were able to make a quick turnaround and opened just a day after getting the keys to the building.

“We had people in tears that we were going to shut down. So the fact that we were able to open so quickly and get back to people is kind of the reason we’re here,” said Jerry Kane, General Manager of New Colony Cinemas.

What was once Galaxy Theaters is now officially Colony Cinemas, which opened Friday night.

“When I found out it was closed I was really disgusted because I thought it was going to be closed for a long time. But luckily it was only closed for a week and a half,” said Peter Consult , waiter at Que Pasa and recent graduate of Atascadero High.

The new theater is owned by the same company that operates Downtown Center 7 in San Luis Obispo.

“There’s not much for kids to do in this area, unfortunately, so we’re definitely a focal point for that,” said Colony Cinemas Assistant General Manager Luke Phillips.

According to the new director, the theater retained almost all of its staff, which made the transition easier.

“We know the city, we know the people, it’s kind of like having family,” Kane said. “I think the fact that we’re all staying makes that transition easier.”

The rapid reopening came with some technical difficulties as teams worked to get the internet working when the first guests showed up.

“Internet issues — obviously — you take care of the ones at home, not to mention the big business ones,” Kane said. “But we’re here with popcorn, soft drinks and candy, so what more could you ask for?”

Others are happy to be able to watch a movie again after work.

“Once in a while after work, if we leave at a good time, my friends and I will see if we can catch a late night movie,” Consult said. “It’s a great environment and it’s so close to where I work.”

The reopening is also good news for nearby businesses that saw fewer customers during the shutdown.

“People come to have aperitifs, a few drinks and then they go to the cinema,” said Que Pasa director Jeanette Maravilla. “It’s a small town but the theater brings us a lot of business.”

Owners say they will post schedules and offer tickets on this website. KSBY checked Saturday morning and it doesn’t appear the website has been updated to offer tickets to the Atascadero site.