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ASPs learn people management techniques

More SPs take part in mid-career training program in Bhopal on Thursday | PF

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh):Behavioral and leadership skills for people management play a central role in the daily life of police officers and during special projects or operations requiring them to assemble, lead and empower a diverse and strong work group.

Keeping in mind the need for police officers to hone and sharpen their skills in managing additional PS people, RCVP Noronha Administration Academy and Bhopal Police Headquarters, held a training session on Thursday. people management training, according to officials.

The session was part of the mid-career training program for additional SPs. Naveen Krishna Rai, Manager, Government Affairs, IIM Indore, was the resource person for the session, officials said.

The session familiarized agents with vital aspects of people management. He explored a diverse set of management theories and models describing and prescribing approaches to managing people inside and outside their team, department and organization and understanding how people make decisions.

In elaborating on how people make decisions, the underlying imperatives to better understand people have been deliberate, which states that people have their own beliefs. People tend to resist information that contradicts self-confidence.

With the help of prospect theory, participants were told that people value gains and losses differently, placing more weight on perceived gains over perceived losses. An individual will often choose the option of having perceived earnings.

To manage people within one’s organization, motivation theories such as Heisenberg’s two-factor theory, vrooms expectation model, and situational leadership theory have been discussed.

Participants were advised to consider the importance of the hygiene factor and ensure that reward and recognition practices are carefully crafted by deliberating on their perceived value for an individual to be motivated.

To deal with people outside the organization, essential concepts such as the harmonic window and the bridge experience were exposed.

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