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6 Reasons Why MSPs Should Prioritize Cloud Security

GUEST REVIEW: Nowadays, everyone should give considerable importance to cybersecurity, especially cloud security. Most data storage and computing no longer takes place on local computers and servers. Cloud computing has replaced on-premises setups because it is more convenient and requires less capital expenditure on hardware.

To properly manage a company’s network and infrastructure, reliable managed service providers (MSPs) must ensure that cloud security is one of their top priorities. Their security features and offerings should assure their customers that their data will not be stolen or compromised.

Why cloud security should be a top priority

According to recent studies, 39% of IT decision makers in the United States predict an increase in the total number of cyberattacks over the next year. As the number of teleworkers and digital-only resource users increases, so does the severity of the cyber threats they face.

Here are some of the top reasons cloud security MSPs should prioritize cloud security:

1. Easily manage security features in one place

A professional IT Company in Charlotte NC can help strengthen a company’s cloud security capabilities with a centralized protection system. Companies often manage too many devices and terminals, which can be difficult to manage. A central management system improves traffic analysis and web filtering, simplifies network event monitoring, and reduces the need for software and policy upgrades.

2. Get an effective sales pitch

The distinction between average and well-prepared managed service providers is their ability to deliver comprehensive packages and back them up with actionable plans. They need to ensure that their current and potential customers are properly protected in the event of a sudden wave of cyberattacks.

Strong cloud security is essential for companies making the transition to the cloud. Security threats are growing and becoming more complex, and the cloud is just as vulnerable as on-premises systems. A managed IT services in Los Angeles can help companies reduce the learning curve and get to grips with the ins and outs of cloud security. They can provide best-in-class security tailored to the infrastructure of a specific organization or business.

Cloud security restrictions can be adjusted to ensure data security in the cloud, improve regulatory compliance, protect customer privacy, and establish authentication policies for specific users and devices.

3. Present an attractive price to customers

Eliminating the need to invest in dedicated hardware is one of the benefits of cloud storage and security. MSP services help their customers save on capital expenditure and administrative costs. They offer proactive cloud security features that provide 24/7 protection, with minimal human intervention.

4. Guarantee reliable service any day

Services through cloud computing are reliable as long as proper cloud security measures are in place, so be sure to cover all the bases. These measures often include built-in redundancies to ensure that the company’s website, application, or services are always accessible to their customers.

5. Get a competitive advantage

To avoid being left behind by their competitors, MSPs must ensure that they can provide the solutions that their current and potential customers are looking for. MSPs that can ensure a high level of protection for their customers’ cloud-based assets are more likely to thrive in the industry.

Moreover, data privacy and security are not only top concerns for businesses, they are also a priority for consumers. MSPs working with companies in regulated industries are most sought after when they can ensure strong infrastructure security not only for regulatory compliance, but also to protect financial and personal data. After all, when customers can trust a company to protect their information, they are more likely to convert into loyal customers.

6. Ensure customer satisfaction

Having the ability to recognize an attack and immediately notify the customer shows commitment and preparedness. A well-organized defense plan should be the goal of any MSP when it comes to delivering cloud security solutions.

Unfortunately, there is no preventive method that is 100% successful. Accepting the potential for a successful intrusion is the most practical approach to cybersecurity. It’s a matter of when, not if, and adopting this perspective is key to having a cloud security plan in place.

The best and most effective strategy is to expect cyberattacks to occur and instead focus on managing and reducing risk while improving the ability to recognize and respond quickly to hostile network activity. .


There’s no better time than now for MSPs to start implementing strict security measures for their customers. They must implement proactive, robust and scalable security measures. By using the best available technology and the knowledge and experience of cybersecurity experts, MSPs can help their customers achieve or maintain operational success, while saving costs.